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    New Product             




  The umbrellas of Bo Sang can be categorised into various qualifications as : 

1. Poly-Oxford Canvas
- Sunblock and rainproof.
- Long lasting for working life because of the hard wood structure.
- Various colors are available.

-1 set contains of an umbrella, a stand and a hoister for opening the umbrella.

2. Nano Fabrics
- Sunblock and rainproof.
- Protection from fungi with new technology.
- Its frame is made of bamboo.
- Colour fabrics that are harmonious with nature.
-1 set contains of an umbrella and a stand.

3. Cotton coated with oil paints
- Sunblock and rainproof.
- Its frame is amde of bamboo.
- V
arious colors are available.
-1 set contains of an umbrella and a stand. 

4. Tore Fabric
- Sunblock.
- Various colors are available.
- Perfect for interior decoration.
-1 set contains of an umbrella and a stand.



 Bell and Gong for decoration

It looks gorgious with your house hotel or spa under thai belief that it will help spreading out your place' reputation just like the echo ringing sound.

Multipurpose Wooden Box

This beautiful and useful box can keep your keys and other stuffs. Putting it at home, coffe shop or spa makes the places more classy and stylish.
Also a good idea for gifting your friends.


Lanna wood carving house

Lanna wood carving house is classical beautiful for a new house, office, hotel.

Spice Decoration

A lovely and functionally decoration you could use to decorate your coffee shop, house,  restaurant and spa.
It can be a key hanger, magnet or a kitchen utensil hanger.

Flowery Lantern

Decorate your restaurant, hotel or coffee shop or lighten up your celebrated party with lovely shiny colourful flowery lanterns.



  Product Update







The History of Chiang Mai Walkingstreet. 

Walking Street is a part of a conception  developed by the city.  It is determined by a zoning area of the city to be in accordance with a folkway of the communities. It is a guide for developing  utilities of the areas in the city. Like many countries in the world,they are well  known as the center of arts, art of writing and artistic works,including tourist place.



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  Product Category.


Home Decorations

Ancient wooden lantern, elephant and Ganesha lanterns, cotton fabric painted lantern, Ban Mee lantern, cotton thread lantern, rattan craved lantern, sandstone candle stick, coconut shell lantern and party umbrella.


Clothing and Ornament
Silk decorated with bead shoes, sawdust shoes, fashionable bags and clothes, cotton clothes and cowboy hats.


Products of Hilltribe People



Mong skirts, Children costumes, Mong shoes, Mong Bags and Mobile phone bags.


Native Products of Lanna
 Flying lantern, Tore flag,  Krajang or square lantern, Cotton fabric lantern, Cotton fabric flag, Moving lantern,  Bo Sang umbrella, Thai clothing umbrella, field lantern and day balloons.


 Painting from elephant artist, abstract, animal, fancy, religious, portraits.


 Painted teak wooden box, Metalic color lacquer ware and cherished perception note book.

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      Chiang Mai is renowned as "The Capital of handicrafts" since numerous generations of artisans, from various skills, have settled down here for long time. Nowadays, Chiang Mai Walking Street or Sunday Street Market has become a Lanna wisdom center where the artisans' creations are presented to visitors from all over the world.
      ChiangMai Lanna Products is a representative who connects you with our brotherhood of artisans under the intensive control of the product quality check, the purchase system (our credit card online payment system is verifyed by Visa and Master Secure Code      ), the shipment (via UPS, DHL, FEDEX, post, etc.) and the fair return & refund policy in case you are not satisfied with our products.


" Your highest satisfaction leads to our happiness"


Businessman who'd like to visit Chiang Mai and order products directly from the maker >>>CLICK



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